Rainbow Country Aviary

Gouldian finches

About Our Aviary


Situated in Chilliwack B.C.  We breed a variety of finches, specializing in gouldians and their mutations.  We will occasionally offer hand-raised finches.  Contact us for availability and upcoming clutches.  

Our aviary consists of 2 birds rooms, one located in an outside building, the other indoors attached to the house.  With the two bird rooms, we have a total of 3 large flights at 13 feet long, 8 feet high and 5 feet deep.  One contains the juveniles and other birds in the molt.  This way I can add the supplements and extra diet requirements needed for the stress of molting. The other two aviaries are separated by males and females where they rest between breeding seasons.  Each bird room contains a series of breeding cages for controlled pairing, which maximizes breeding results, health of the birds, and outcome of their mutations.

We do not allow the bird room temperatures to drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  (21 Celsius)

We do not foster raise our gouldians.  All birds in our aviary are parent raised, to ensure strains of reliable parent gouldians.

We completely disagree with inbreeding of birds, no matter what the mutation. Therefore, all parent breeder birds in our aviary are unrelated to each other.  We keep track of our babies and breeding babies, with a very intricate banding system.  We strive for the quality and health of our birds, not for quantity of rare mutations.

With years of experience in finches and the love of bird keeping, we provide the best of quality for our birds.   Feeding the highest grade foods and going to extremes to make sure our birds happy and healthy.

Having a background in construction, it makes it easy for us to build our own custom aviaries and breeding cages.  We will occasionally offer these cages for sale, and can build custom cages for customers.  Contact us for more information.

We hope the information provided here can help you with any questions you have about keeping birds, and keeping them happy and healthy.  All information on this site has been posted only as my own personal experience in keeping finches / gouldians.

Will Ship.

 Proud member of A.A.C.C.